When We Acquire a Project…

✔ Investors Benefit


✔ Residents Benefit

✔ The Community Benefits


✔ Law Enforcement Benefits

When we invest and improve a property, everybody benefits.

Mobile Home Parks…

Present Investors With Opportunity Unattainable Elsewhere


Thanks to the “stigma” of mobile home parks, the competition is LOWER and the cash flow is HIGHER

Our Proven Investment Strategy

  • East of the Mississippi River

  • Cash flowing at acquisition

  • Below market valuation

  • Significant upside potential

  • Rapidly increase the income/NOI & equity value

  • Refinance & return investor capital

How We Increase the NOI & Value…

  • Improve management

  • Remodel homes

  • Reduce expenses

  • Increase rents to market

  • Fill vacancies

  • Create new income streams

Flexible Investor Options


Profit Share

Distributed to all simultaneously.

Higher profit potential



Secure Loan

Pays investors first @ fixed APR & payoff date. Higher security & certainty.

Single Investor

Structure & terms are customized to your needs


Pooled Investments

Syndicated equity or fractionalized notes

Most Recent Project


$675,000 Purchase price (69% of ARV)

$750,000 As-is value

$50,000 Improvements

$1,050,000 Projected Value (Year 1)

$325,000 Equity

Cap Rates

11% Market cap rate

13% Purchase cap rate

16% Projected Cap Rate (Year 1)


Cash Flow

$81,120 Purchase annual cash flow

$122,000 Projected annual cash flow

Meet The Team

Blake Ratajack

Blake Ratajack

Blake Ratajack

Senior Managing Partner

  • Commercial Real Estate Investor & Syndication Fund Manager

  • Mobile Home Park Investment Expert

  • Military Special Operations Officer

“I bring my military special operations command experience & ethics to every investment project.”

1.       Select the “Target”

2.       Study it carefully & thoroughly

3.       Move swiftly

4.       Exercise risk mitigation

5.       Execute everything with total professionalism & integrity

6.       Exit with the mission fully accomplished as planned

Jake Chambers

What People Are Saying

“These guys are the commercial real estate commandos!”

Jason Gilbert